Build and Program Sound-Making Arduino Robots

The Sounding Off article series appeared in SERVO Magazine from March 2012 through May 2012.

Let Your Robots Talk! (and beep, and sing, and ...)

Ever notice how the robots in movies like to make noise? Sound helps them to connect with their human counterparts -- cheery advise, warnings, whatever. Audible feedback makes them more interesting. Who can forget the tweeps and braaps of R2-D2, the incessant warnings to Will Robinson by the Robot in Lost in Space, or the nasal-sounding jabberings of those countless Daleks?

The Sounding Off series of articles in SERVO Magazine help you to build fun Arduino-based robots that talk, sing, make noises, and otherwise entertain through the power of sound.

The Tunebot MIDI robot (Part 2 of the series) produces an orchestra of sound with its Arduino-powered MIDI synthesizer.

An 8-cell infrared array acts as a "keyboard" for not only making music, but controlling the action of the robot.

Downloadable Program Code

Here's where you can get the Arduino sketches for all the installments of the Sounding Off article series.

Right click on a link to save the file to your computer. Unzip the sketch and open in the Arduino IDE. Important! All sketches are designed for Arduino 1.0 IDE.

Articles on Sound Making